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The 21st  Spring Conference

of the Japan Society for International Development

Date: 27 June 2020 (Saturday)
Venue:Ryukoku University, Fukakusa Campus

The 21st Spring Conference of the JASID Virtual conference

The program has been closed on 13th July.



How to submit your paper? (for Individual presenters)


As announced in our earlier notification, the upcoming 21st Spring Conference of JASID will be held virtually which will not allow us to have the usual interactions among the participants in real life. In our new effort to provide opportunities for interaction, we will initiate virtual sessions for commentators (and other participants) to comment on the papers and for presenters to provide feedback to the comments by suing the Dropbox comment function.

  For those whose abstracts have been accepted by the organizing committee, please submit your paper following the template available on from here.


 The paper should be either 4 pages or 16 pages. Please provide a brief summary of your paper (in less than 200 words) before “keywords” and “introduction”. This is a new policy that we are implementing for this spring Conference.



 We will shortly announce on the Conference webpage ( the specific URL link where you can upload your paper as a PDF file. We should be able to set up this link by early May. Please name your file with the author’s last name and the abbreviated paper title so that commentators can easily identify your paper. For example, <Saito_SouthAfricaSocialBusiness.pdf> would ease us. Also, be reminded that once you upload your paper, it cannot be changed or replaced with another one. When your upload is complete, there will be an automatic confirmation message sent to your e-mail address. In case you are unable to upload your paper, please send your paper to the organizing committee as an e-mail attachment(


The new deadline for your paper submission is May 22 (Fri), being extended from the originally announced deadline of 15th May (Fri). For the co-authored papers, we ask the leading author to compile a complete paper for uploading. If we do not see your paper uploaded on the Conference website or emailed to the organizing committee, we will assume that you have withdrawn from participating in the Conference.


If you have not paid your membership fee by May 22 (Fri), you are not entitled to present your paper. Make sure you have no over dues for your membership fee. There is no admission fee required for the members to participate in this virtual Spring Conference.


For those who wish to submit their comments to the papers, you will need to have a Dropbox account. If you do not have one yet, you can create one from the following site.


<How to create a Dropbox account>

<How to comment in Dropbox file>


The uploaded papers on the Conference website will be accessible to JASID members from around 20th June until about the end of July 2020. We hope that there will be some exchange of ideas between June and July. Because of the nature of this virtual Conference, there will not be a summary report that we usually ask the session chair to draft. 


As for the poster sessions and organized panels, we will continue to discuss with the presenters to explore how best to have them virtually on our website.


We thank you for your understanding and wish you good health.



Thanks for your message.

The 21th Spring Conference Secretariat

Ryukoku University × JASID Conference Committee

Prof. Fumihiko SAITO (Chair)

Prof. Yusuke KAMIYA (Secretary General)

Prof. Jin Sato (Organizing Committee)


*Please change (at)into @ when you wish to send email to the Conference organizers.

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