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参加費のお支払い/Payment of the Participation Fee




*If the name appears on the creadit card is different from your registration name, please write down the name you used in the registration in the Note. 

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③確認画面が表示されます。間違いがなければ「Check Out」へ。

④Check out画面では、必ずNote欄にまとめ払いをする申込者全員の名前を記入してください。


For those who wish to pay for multiple participants
①Please complete the participation registration for all participants before payment.
②Click the "Payment" button below to open the cart, enter the quantity for the required number of people, and proceed to the next.
③Please confirm the order information and click "Check Out".
④Please enter the names of all participants in the Note field.
⑤Follow the instructions on the website to complete the payment.

JASID Annual Membership Fee
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