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Message from Chair of the Organizing Committee

First of all, let me express my sincere congratulation on the establishment of the Tokyo Adachi Campus of Bunkyo University. I heard that Bunkyo University has a long history since it started in the 1920s as a girls' school that teaches academic knowledge and practical skills such as sewing and home economics. I myself have studied the impact of international educational debates in the early 20th century on Africa and Asia. Considering how advanced and difficult it was at that time to promote girls' education, I am impressed by the height of its founding philosophy. In addition, I heard that the Tokyo Adachi Campus, which was opened this year, is aiming for fusion and dialogue with the local community. Such an approach resonates with that of the Japan Society for International Development, which explores the possibilities of feedback and rootedness in Japanese society while discussing global issues.

Advances in information and communication technology have made us feel closer to events in distant countries. On the other hand, problems at our feet, such as social disparities and severance, distrust of politics, or bullying, are becoming more serious as time goes. Facing the corona disaster, many international development scholars, who used to conduct research overseas, were stopped from continuing their regular practices for more than a year. This situation must have made many of us ask ourselves the role of the academic work in this field while living in Japanese society.

Under such circumstances, I believe we have a lot to learn from the stance of Bunkyo University Tokyo Adachi Campus, which seeks to integrate with the local community. I wish Bunkyo University great success in hosting this conference and its future endeavors.

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