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About the 31st JASID Annual Conference 【The Last Message】

 The 31st JASID Annual Conference, organized by Tsuda University, which is celebrating the 120th Anniversary of its founding this year, ended on Dec. 5th and 6th, 2020 with lots of participants, thanks to your cooperation. 380 people registered for the conference. The

plenary session on “Time for Change: Innovation for Inclusive Society”, which is the theme of the annual conference, and 36 sessions, including the special session organized by the Executive Committee on ““Dr. Sadako Ogata Memorial Session: The Legacy of Dr. Sadako Ogata in International Development and Cooperation” and 9 organized sessions,10 roundtable sessions and 10 sessions in English, on the topics of Civil Society, Natural Disasters and the Covid-19, Innovation, Economics, Education, ODA, Peace and Conflicts, and Poverty and Inequality, were conducted virtually in real time. Poster sessions were carried out with on-demand videos and the Q&A platform.

 93 oral presentations and 12 poster presentations in total were made.

 We, the Executive Committee and staff, are very grateful to JASID Board members and all participants, including those who participated from all parts of the world.

 We will inform the participants when the videos of the recorded sessions become available. In the meantime, please visit our Online Exhibition page, where Publishers and NGOs are giving special discounts on their items to participants in this conference for a limited time. Some of them offer those discounts until Dec. 20th, 2020. You can access that page from the PDF file, which was sent to you after the payment of the participation fee.

 We would like to ask you one more thing. For future reference, we would appreciate it if you

could answer the questionnaire below for the evaluation of the 31st JASID Annual Conference.

 Last but not least, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

The 31st JASID Annual Conference Executive Committee

Prof. Izumi OHNO (Executive Chairperson, Former Director, JICA Ogata Sadako Research

Institute for Peace and Development/Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy

Studies (GRIPS))

Prof. Naoko SHINKAI (Secretary General, Professor, Tsuda University)


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