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About the 32nd JASID Annual Conference 【The 2nd Announcement】

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every session of the 32nd JASID Annual Conference is held ONLINE instead of face-to-face. Along with this, the deadline for submission of abstracts is extended to September 12, 2021. If you are planning to present your papers at the 32nd JASID annual conference, please submit your abstracts from our annual conference website ( by the deadline. Upon submission, please check the Regulation on the Annual and Spring Conference and use the Word document file prepared by the JASID Secretariat for abstracts, which can be obtained by clicking on “Download formats” in the above website. We would like to remind you once again that the deadline for application is September 12, 2021. We have received some questions regarding abstract submission and we would like to share our replies. These replies were confirmed by the JASID Secretariat before being sent to you. * The number of words for abstracts The number of words for abstracts is set according to the guideline for submission of papers to the Journal of International Development Studies of the JASID. Once your abstract is accepted for a presentation, you will be asked to submit a paper, either a short version, which consists of A4 4 pages, or a full paper, which does not exceed 16 pages. * Multiple submissions You may present a paper which you presented at some other conferences or seminars before, if it has not been published anywhere else yet. * About the difference between organized sessions and roundtable sessions Organized sessions are those which have the same format as the regular session and are expected to have a chairperson, three to four presenters of papers, and two discussants. We do not expect roundtable sessions to have paper presentations, but rather to be a platform for in-depth discussion. Roundtable sessions can have a format, which has a presenter, who talks about the background of the specific topic, and a facilitator, who opens the floor for discussion, following the presentation. Since this year’s annual conference will be held virtually, roundtable sessions can have other kinds of formats, such as a panel discussion with some panelists assigned before the session or a workshop with discussions in small groups of participants. Either way, one session is asked to be completed within 120 minutes. After the submission of abstracts, if your organized session is accepted, the organizers of organized sessions are asked to submit papers of all presenters in your sessions. Presenters in your sessions can submit papers by themselves as well. For roundtable session organizers, you will be asked to submit the abstracts of your roundtable session and the presentation of the speaker. We would like to also remind session organizers that the program committee will not arrange chairpersons, presenters, speakers, and discussants for your sessions in principle. We would appreciate it if you could submit the session’s abstracts along with the list of all the people engaged in your organized sessions. * If my abstract is accepted, when do I have to submit my paper and how long the paper should be? If you abstract is accepted, you will be asked to submit your paper by late October as mentioned in our first announcement. Your paper can be a short version, which consists of A4 4 pages, or a full paper, which does not exceed 16 pages. We will announce further details in our annual conference website when the time comes. * If I am applying for JASID membership from overseas, do I still have to send the application form to the JASID Secretariat by postal mail? Regardless of where you live, if you have not yet completed the membership procedure, please submit your application immediately via JASID Membership Application Form. If you have introducers, please list it. JASID Secretariat will contact to introducers. If you do not have introducers, you can leave it blank. After the admission examination of JASID executive board, we will contact you by registered mail. If you receive the mail, please pay the annual membership fee promptly (full members only). If you have any comment or question concerned about application, please contact to JASID Secretariat. JASID Membership Application Form: JASID Secretariat: We look forward to your application. The 32nd JASID Annual Conference Executive Committee Kazuya Wada (Kanazawa University) Atsushi Kawasumi (Kanazawa University) Contact:

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