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Message from Executive Committee

On 1 April 2021, Bunkyo University will open the New "Tokyo-Adachi Campus". This campus is built on a concept of sustainability, through community-based approach, by global perspective and toward environment-friendly society. It is my great honour to be an executive director of the 22nd Spring Conference of the Japan Society for International Development, which will be the first large-scale academic conference in the new campus.

The theme of the conference is "Live Together: Sharing Knowledge and Experience for better solution". It focuses of how we can connect the world again, which has been divided by disparity, nationalism as well as travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 Crisis. In order to realize the sustainable world with no one left behind, we have to live together, feel together and learn together. We are preparing a topic of plenary session along with this idea. A preconference event is also under preparation to invite young people to exchange their views of how to restore global cooperation.

Your active applications as presenters as well as participants are highly encouraged

The 22nd JASID Spring Conference Executive Committee

Prof. Kaoru HAYASHI (Executive Chairperson, Professor, Bunkyo University)

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