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Outline of Conference Programme 【The 3rd Announcement】 

Updated: May 17, 2022

The outline of the programme is almost finalized as below.

Saturday 18th June, 2022

Those shaded in blue are sessions in English and those with orange headings are roundtable sessions. Sessions in Japanese are written in Japanese and sessions in English are in English. All the time in the schedule is based on GMT +9/JST.

Poster Sessions

For more details about poster sessions, by on-demand videos and interactions in the online Q&A site, please visit our Conference Program page in early June.

Plenary Session (Japanese)

Online event via Zoom

Language: Japanese

As for the plenary session, panel discussants are on site, and participants are virtually connected in a hybrid way for the sake of lively discussions. The theme of the plenary session is “Do you know, we have already been doing SDGs.” In the plenary session, we invite the resident doers struggling to achieve the rebirth of Tagawa. Discussing together in a blunt and frank way, it would enable us to envisage development and global cooperation for the next generation.

[Part I]

Concept: “Better way to live” through connecting local in Japan and global development: The torch has been passed from Kanazawa, the 32nd Annual Conference

Mayuko SANO, Ph.D., Executive Committee Chairperson for the 23rd Spring Conference, Fukuoka Prefectural University

Kazuya WADA, Ph.D., Executive Committee Chairperson for the 32nd Annual Conference, Kanazawa University

[Part II]

Keynote lecture and discussions: Chikuho/Tagawa area: a local where life goes on in

First Speaker: Toshio SUGIMOTO, CEO Laputa Farm

‘Laputa farm as a mistletoe for lives: How to make a new ‘local brand”’

Second Speaker: Norihisa SANO, Owner (third-generation) of SANO Tatami

‘Better way of life envisaged through Tatami: Life as a bonanza’

Discussant: Mayuko SANO, Executive Committee Chairperson for the 23rd Spring Conference, Fukuoka Prefectural University

(URL reference)

 SANO Tatami

 Tatami Pocket Book (YouTube)

 Laputa Farm

 Laputa Farm(Introductory movie: YouTube)

Toshio SUGIMOTO Born in 1965 in Kawasaki, Tagawa, Fukuoka. After graduating from a university in Tokyo, he worked at a luxury department store in Kokura and then moved back to Tagawa for farming. Started Laputa farm in 1991.

Norihisa SANO

Norn in 1980 in Tagawa, Fukuoka. After finishing high school, aspiring to become a musician, he moved out to Fukuoka. In 2005, he did U-turn to Tagawa, trained at Tatami school, and take over the family business as third-generation.

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