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The 32nd JASID Annual Conference

The 32nd JASID Annual Conference is scheduled to be held at Kakuma Campus of Kanazawa University over the course of two days, 20th and 21st of November 2021, taking preventive measures against COVID-19 infections. In principle, oral presentation, poster presentation, and organized sessions/roundtables are held face-to-face, although some sessions will be delivered online. (※Please note that there is a possibility to change mode of the conference from face-to-face to online meeting depending on the situation of the epidemic.)

As in previous years, (1) oral presentations (open topic) (2) poster presentations (3) organized sessions/roundtables (in Japanese or English) are open for application. The details about each of the applications are as follows:

(1) Oral presentations

(2) Poster presentations

Applicants/presenters, whether they be a general or student presenter, must be members of the Japan Society for International Development (JASID). Those who are not members are not eligible for application. For those who are not yet members, please download the membership application form from the JASID membership registration site (, fill out the form and submit online or send it to JASID secretariat by July 30th, 2021 in order to be eligible for applying for making a presentation at this conference.

For those who have submitted the membership application form but whose membership applications have not yet been approved, and wish to submit the abstract or presentation manuscript, please attach (a) the message of JASID Secretariat sent to you, confirming that the membership application has been received, or (b) a copy of the membership application form, to the abstract and submit as one file. For student presenters, please also attach a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor (free format) to the abstract and submit it as one file.

Each person can submit only one paper as the first author and is allowed to make only one presentation. If you are not the first author of the second paper and if you do not make a presentation of that paper, you may submit up to two papers. It is preferable that collaborators and co-authors are also JASID members.

The abstract should be A4 one page, 200~400 characters in length if in Japanese or 200~300 words if in English. For the format of the abstract, please refer to the Annual Conference website.

We would like to also inform you that applicants are asked to pay the membership fee for the JASID fiscal year2022 before application. If the payment of the membership fee is not confirmed, there is a possibility that conference presentation might be cancelled. Please refer to the JASID’s website and “Regulations on the Annual and Spring Conference” for more details.

(3) Organized sessions and Roundtables

When applying for making a presentation at an organized session, the title and summary of the entire session and details such as the moderator, commentators, and presenters summarized into a single A4 page in addition to each presenter’s abstract, must be submitted by a session organizer. Similarly, for the application of a roundtable, the title of the roundtable, a summary, and a list of all speakers must be summarized in an A4 page and submitted by a roundtable organizer. In either application, the organizer must be a JASID member. For non-members, please download the membership application form from the JASID membership registration site (, fill out the form and submit it online, or send it to JASID Secretariat by September 5th, 2021 to be eligible for application for this conference. The organizer must have an agreement about his/her organized session with the moderator, commentators, and speakers prior to the application. Although those other than the organizer in organized sessions and roundtables do not have to be JASID members, it is strongly recommended to become members.

For (1), (2), and (3), we welcome all applications based on any research outputs. The applications will be reviewed by the 32nd JASID Annual Conference Program Committee and the results are planned to be announced in early October.

Application period: From August 2, 2021 to September 5, 2021

Submissions can be made through the Abstract Submission Form in the 32nd JASID Annual Conference website (

We plan to ask all presenters to submit accepted papers between early and late October. For those applying for poster presentations, please submit a reduced-size A4 poster edition of your paper together with the full paper. Details concerning submissions of papers will be announced as the time gets closer.

The conference registration is scheduled for the period between early October and mid-November. All participation fees are to be paid by credit card. Regarding the proceedings of this year’s conference, those, who pay participation fees, can obtain them online. The printed version of the proceedings is not available this year. Details regarding payment and others will be announced later through the Annual Conference website and mailing list.

We would appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to your participation.

The 32nd JASID Annual Conference Executive Committee

Kazuya Wada (Kanazawa University)

Atsushi Kawasumi (Kanazawa University)


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