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URL of each session

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Information on URL of each session is released on the program page for those registered. Please visit with your password.

Zoom (Zoom Webinars) will be used for all sessions. All sessions will be recorded, and recorded videos will be shared through the Conference Program page for two weeks after the conference (we will inform you if it will be extended) with the limited access to the conference participants.

To Chairs/Facilitators, Presenters, and Commentators: Please join the session by clicking the Zoom link assigned to each session, 10 minutes before the session begins (In case of morning session 15 minutes). After you enter the session, please change your name in Zoom in such format as Role (Chairs/Facilitators, Presenters or Commentators)_Name_Affiliation. (Example Chair_Kaoru HAYASHI_Bunkyo University). Please connect your PC to internet through cabled LAN. If cabled LAN is not available, please connect through broad band wireless WIFI. Please refrain from using pocket WIFI or tethering connection with possibility of communication speed limitation.

To Participants: Please join the session by clicking the Zoom link assigned to each session room. In principle, you will not be able to unmute yourself.

Technical support on the day of the annual conference: We will give technical support phone numbers session to chairs/facilitators, presenters, and commentators in case you may encounter technical problems during the session. If you are participating from overseas and it is difficult to make a phone call to Japan, please send a message to It may take some time but we will try to forward your message to supporters from so that they can give you necessary support.

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