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参加申し込み、参加費お支払い/Registration and Payment of the Participation Fee













Registration and paper/ abstract  (for organized or roundtable sessions)  submission deadlines

①For presenters in an oral presentation/ organized session, poster presentation session, organizers of organized/ roundtable sessions, 

Please fill out the registration form, submit the form together with a paper for presentation/ an abstract for organized/ roundtable sessions by

23:59, Mon. May 10th, 2021.

②For session chairs and commentators

Please fill out the registration form by

23:59, Mon. May 31st, 2021.

③For other participants

Please fill out the registration by

18:00, Fri. Jun. 11th, 2021.

*If you would like to ask child care support at the conference, please send an email to by the end of April 30th, 2021.  Please understand that even if you send a request for child care, there is a chance that we will not be able to meet all your needs.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3


Templates of conference papers and conference abstracts


Proceed to Registration form if you are not making presentations.

​Templates of conference papers and conference abstracts are available here. Please download these JASID's templates  and prepare conference papers, conference abstracts with these templates and submit them with the registration forms.





For poster session presenters:

Poster session presentations will be made virtually in this conference, as in the last JASID Annual conference.

The submission guideline was sent by the 22nd JASID Spring Conference Executive Committee on April 6th, 2021 to all the poster session presenters. Please check your email and follow the guideline.

 There is no need for you to submit files in the registration form. Please fill out the registration form and submit without files, and pay your participation fee by the deadline.

The JASID's template for conference abstracts (to be used by organized/ roundtable session organizers)
- 要旨用(日本語/English)


The JASID's templates for conference papers ( to be used by presenters in an oral presentation/ organized session)
- JASIDフォーマット(日本語)


- JASID's templates (English) 

*Please rename the file as "Your name-title.doc".

※要旨のアップロード(A4 1ページ、日本語(200~400字)

*Upload your abstract (A4 one page, 200-300 words in English)


*Once the deadline for submissions is over, we will not accept any changes after that.

※一般口頭発表、また企画セッションでの発表論文(A4 4ページまたは16ページ以内)提出をお願いします。WORDファイルのみを受け付けます。PDFファイルで提出される場合は、大会論文集に提出された論文が掲載されません。また、17ページかそれ以上の論文を提出される場合は、大会での発表の機会を失います。

*Please submit your paper, which you will present in an oral presentation session or organized session, either a short version, which consists of A4 four pages, or a full paper, which does not exceed sixteen pages. We will accept only WORD files. If you submit PDF files, your paper will not be included in the Conference Proceedings. If you submit a paper with 17 pages or more, you may lose your opportunity to present in the conference.


Submit your information and documents.



You need a Google account to fill out the form and submit your abstract. 


Payment of participation fee. (Online payment only)


Please pay your participation fee by 

​  6月11日(金)18:00まで

   18:00, Fri. Jun. 11th, 2021.


*The important information (The URL and the password for the online conference) is attached to the email you receive after completing the payment. We would like to remind you that the URL and password can be downloaded only up to one month from your payment. Please download the file at your earliest convenience after your payment.

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